Asphalt Crack Repair Tampa Fl

Asphalt crack repair in Tampa Fl is needed when the asphalt parking lot surface is stressed beyond the limits of the asphalt pavement. Cracks in asphalt will allow water on the surface of the asphalt parking lot to undermine the sub base of the asphalt in your parking lot.

Cracked asphalt in Tampa is usually caused by heavy traffic i.e. tractor trailers and the environment. There are different types of asphalt cracking.asphalt crack repair

Asphalt Fatigue Cracks or alligator cracks look like an alligator’s hide and is commonly the result of repeated heavy traffic loads and a weak or poorly installed sub-grade.

It’s extremely important to let your asphalt contractor in Tampa the kind of loads your asphalt parking lot will be experiencing. Asphalt that is not repaired cause potholes and the asphalt pavement will become unrepairable. Sealing your asphalt is much cheaper than resurfacing asphalt parking lots in Tampa.

Asphalt Crack Repair

Longitudinal Asphalt Cracks on asphalt parking lots are caused by hot days and heavy loads. These types of asphalt cracks can be repaired with asphalt crack repair.

Transverse Cracks in asphalt are also environmental cracks. Thermal cracks penetrate the sub base and will keep get wider if not repaired. Transverse asphalt cracks can be easily repaired with asphalt crack sealants if you have a good asphalt maintenance program in place..

Asphalt Block Cracking appear as blocks and are caused by age and hardening and expansion and contraction of the asphalt parking lot. These cracks should be sealed right away.

Asphalt Telegraph Cracks in the under your asphalt pavement are caused by movement and stresses on the previously repaired cracked asphalt. These types of asphalt cracks are most common when asphalt has been resurfaced and the underlying asphalt is not repaired and prepped properly, causing the cracks below to telegraph through the new asphalt repairs.

Asphalt Edge Cracks are most often found within 2 ft. of the asphalt pavements edges. Asphalt edge cracks are caused by overloading the edges of the asphalt pavement with the heavy loads of delivery trucks. These types of asphalt cracks are more structural and can’t be repaired with an asphalt crack sealant.

Asphalt Slippage Cracks are caused when the top layer of asphalt separates from the underlying sub base. Slippage cracks are caused by poor bonding between the layers of asphalt. If you’re asphalt parking lot is still under warranty you should contact the asphalt paving company that installed your asphalt parking lot.

Thank you for considering Florida Asphalt solutions in Tampa and Hillsborough Counties for your Asphalt Crack Repair.

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