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We Are Florida Asphalt Solutions and we’d like to answer some questions about Asphalt Repair, that our customers always ask us, so we’re sure you’re interested in the questions and the answers so we’ll keep answering them here.asphalt repiar TampaTampa

How do we take care of our new asphalt parking lot? There are quite a few things that all owners of new asphalt parking lots should know to ensure they get years of service from their new asphalt parking lot.

We always tell our customers that asphalt parking lots and driveways should get between 48 hours to 72 hours to cure completely.

 Any areas in the shade will take longer to cure. This is rarely a problem in large parking lots.

 We are very careful to block off all access and make sure that no people or cars or anything else gets on your new asphalt while it’s curing.

Your asphalt will be soft until it has hard and fully cured, so here are some additional things to consider.

Don’t park your vehicles in the same spot every day.

Don’t let kickstands penetrate the new asphalt surface.

Place a piece of plywood under the wheels of trailers or RV’S to help distribute the weight more evenly.

We’re always available in the days following a new asphalt pavement installation and that your asphalt will cure properly and give you years of worry free service.

How does Oxidation affect asphalt parking lots? Oxidation happens when the new asphalt gets oil on it from cars that leak oil and the oil hardens as a result of the exposure to the surrounding air. Periodic sealcoating will protect asphalt surfaces from exposure to oxygen and keep the asphalt from cracking.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays in Florida can cause asphalt to harden and crumble overtime by breaking the links between the carbon bonds in the asphalt. Once again sealcoating protects the asphalt surface from UV rays and prolongs the useful life of your asphalt pavement for years to come.

All of the different choices for pavements needs maintenance overtime and asphalt is actually one of the most care free surfaces available Gasoline and oil spills will penetrate the asphalt causing it to soften.

Asphalt Repair

Q: Does Florida Asphalt Solutions use a sealcoating machine to apply the asphalt sealer?

A: Yes and Larger parking lots are always sealed using at least two coats of asphalt sealer.

Q: There are weeds growing in the cracks of our asphalt parking lot. Do you remove the weeds before sealcoating our asphalt parking lot?

A: Yes, We remove weeds growing through the cracks in the asphalt. Use weed killers before resealing the asphalt parking lots to ensure they don’t grow back. Round-Up weed killer is best used a few weeks before the asphalt is resealed.

Q: Will leave from trees stick to the sealer?

A: Leaves will stick to newly sealed asphalt. They are easily removed after the sealcoating has dried, by sweeping, which we do for you.

Q: Will you apply two coats of asphalt sealer the same day?

A: No, the first coat must cure, and then we’ll schedule a second sealcoating.

Q: Will I still see where the asphalt is cracked after the sealcoating is complete?

A: We repair and fill cracks that are more than a ¼” in wide. Hairline cracks cannot be repaired or filled.

Q: How often will asphalt parking lots need to be seal coated?

A: Asphalt should be seal coated around every three years and this varies quite a bit on how the parking lot is used and cared for during the year.

Q: Should we fill the cracks in my driveway whenever they occur?

A: Once a year will be enough: Asphalt expands and contracts as the temperature go up and down and asphalt sealers and fillers won’t stop asphalt from expanding and contracting.

Q: Our asphalt parking lot is really deteriorating. Will sealcoating the asphalt stop the deterioration of the asphalt?

A: Sealcoating asphalt is preventive maintenance and is not considered a repair for asphalt, if your asphalt is really far gone it may need to be replaced.

Q: Our asphalt parking lot collects water whenever it rains. Will layers of extra sealer in these areas to level the surface of the asphalt?

A: If asphalt sealcoating is applied to thick, it cracks and peels every time. We always recommend repairing areas of asphalt with deep holes.

We will have more questions about asphalt repairs and resealing coming in and when they do we’ll always post them here. Florida Asphalt Solutions is your best choice for Asphalt Sealcoating And Asphalt Repairs in the Tampa Bay Area.

Call Florida Asphalt Solutions office at 813-326-2169 or you can contact us anytime.

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