Keeping Asphalt Looking New

Keeping Asphalt Looking New takes good maintenance and a schedule. Your secretary may be the first contact a customer will have with your business, but your businesses parking lot is the first thing they’ll see. A faded asphalt parking lot, with cracks, and grass growing up through the cracks, is not the message you want to send to your new customer.

  • You must Inspect asphalt regularly for cracks, fading of pavement line markings and liability problems like uneven trip hazard.
  • Sealcoating every two to three years is a good rule, unless your parking lot has been damage by cars with gas leaks or heavy machinery that’s damaged the asphalt parking lot.
  • Asphalt sealcoating should done under the proper weather conditions (50°F during the asphalt sealer application and for 8 hours afterward)
  • Keep vehicular traffic off freshly sealed asphalt parking lots for 24 hours after any seal work is done, and leave barricades and signs to keep traffic off of newly sealed asphalt.

Keeping Asphalt Looking New keeping asphalt looking new

Repair cracks in asphalt that are ¼-inch wide or 1” deep.

Use a saw to widen cracks in areas used by heavy trucks, but not in cracks that have already been sealed.

Repair birdbaths in asphalt when they appear to stop water from ponding and becoming a pothole overtime.

Cracking, low spots, improperly drained sub-base damage should be always be repaired before sealcoating asphalt.

ADA guidelines, say your parking lot must have the proper amount of handicapped-accessible parking stalls, and required van parking spaces.

Check to make sure you’re in compliance with ADA codes and we’ll put it in writing.

Asphalt Maintenance can do all of this for you. We’ll give you a Free Inspection and a maintenance schedule that will keep your asphalt looking like new. 

                                                        Keeping Asphalt Looking New 

Call us with questions about asphalt. There’s no charge for estimates or consultations.

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